Laminates are artificially produced material from paper and resins. They are quite popularly known as sunmica. Such decorative laminates are fixed on substrate, mainly plywood to get attractive surfaces that have multiple uses these days. Laminates are a preferred choice because of various factors such as price consideration, high/low ambient temperature resistant, durability, scratch-resistant and usually retain their look for years. Laminates are also easier to maintain.

Laminates that are available in the market today have various designs that are made by printing patterns on paper and that is how decorative laminates are made, therefore a wide variety is available for one to choose from. Lending an elegant touch to all products, laminates are available in numerous design patterns, colours and textures .Innovations in the laminate industry also include real wood feel laminates (used largely as substitutes to veneer) in which patterns are like wood with natural feel according to the customer's choice.