Our decorative laminates are an integral part of India’s furniture industry. Used by being pasted on to any furniture made with plywood, plain particleboard and MDF, they impart great looking finishes and heighten the aesthic value of the furniture. The advantage of the laminates is that any colour and design combination can be used to create exactly what you’ve dreamed of. This freedom from design constraints makes it the first choice of those who are looking to renovate their lives.

ASIS decorative laminates are made by giving a hard base to lamination papers with melamine resin and thereby increasing life of the paper which in turn safeguard the colour and brightness of the paper. Combined with an enviable abrasion resistance, our decorative laminates ensure long durability to the life of the colour. Indigenous world standard machinery to ensure world-class quality. Manufactured with specially formulated in-house resins Introduces new and vibrant special shades to the market. The unique technology with strong in-house R & D makes ASIS LAM a superior product in design, finish, range, variety and quality.

ASIS Lam conforms to Indian and International Standards