Austin Gold plywood's are carefully treated and bonded with marine grade water proof resin. This plywood withstand continuous frequent shift of dry & wet conditions. Austin Gold is one of the premium plywood in India manufactured by Austin Plywood. These plywood's are treated for Borer & Termite proof.

Austin Flush Door's are made of seasoned plywood's which are water - borer - termite proof. They are an ideal choice for homes, offices and bedrooms. Special treatments are done for weather proofing, this will also help increasing the product durability. Austin Plywood is premium plywood in India.

Austin Flexi Ply is specially made to suit architectural design radius works. It is flexible and can be bent to any shape without breaking, chipping or any other carpentry work. It can be stained, painted, plastered or veneered. Austin Flexi Ply's are durable and preferred premium plywood in India.